About Us

One of the largest mining operations in USA and Europe. Cryptocurrency cloud mining contracts and hosting/colocation.


Darren MOON
CEO & Co-Founder

Karine MOON
VP Marketing

CTO & Co-Founder

Web Designer

Adrian BUCUR
Chief of Operations

Sharon SAMY

Laurentiu DIACONU
Technical Manager

HashCore is a cryptocurrency mining company brought to you by a team of crypto mining experts. We have been involved in the cryptocurrency revolution since the early days of Bitcoin and have many years experience in cryptocurrency market, mining and especially in computing hardware since 2001 throughout our mother company Tronix Computers Limited based in London UK. We have mining farms, container hosting options and we have recently acquired lands in USA with useable electricity with up to 200MW readily available.
At HashCore we try to be as transparent as possible and inform our customers on how mining works with the complex nature of mining and changing factors such as mining difficulty, cryptocurrency exchange rates, utility costs, hardware costs etc…
We provide exclusively profitable cloud hosting contract and mining farm hosting to all kind of customers, helping them to invest conscientiously in mining cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and many other Altcoins.

  • 2019

    1 February 2019

    Hedge Fund HashCore

    New office in New York

    Offering to all customers and other cryptocurrency users optimization services to all mining assets. Low, medium, high risk with variable performances will be offered and many other trading services too through a dedicated investing platform.

  • 2019

    10 January 2019

    ICO HashCore

    Extra Mining Services

    Offering new services and expanding our facilities and operations. Token used to buy hosting services, hardware, trading services and other cryptocurrency services.

  • 2018

    10 December 2018

    New Program

    Mining Software

    In house development of a new software for miner management. Offering various possibility for mining companies to manage Asic and GPU miners with many different settings, expert interface with the most stable system on the market.

  • 2018

    25 Septembre 2018

    Acquisition land and power 200MW

    Increasing Capacity

    Acquisition of land and power station in USA Pennsylvania offering up to 200MW for more rack space for existing and new customers. 117 Acres of land and 250,000 sq ft of concrete building available.

  • 2018

    20 January 2018

    1st Mining Farm Returns

    100% ROI

    5MW Mining Farm for GPU and Asic miners return on investment. 100% ROI in less than 7 months.

  • 2017

    28 November 2017

    Partnership with large Customers

    Worldwide Partnerships

    HashCore has signed partnerships with 3 large companies in Japan, USA and Russia for hosting services of a few thousand miners.

  • 2017

    25 June 2017

    1st Mining Farm Opening

    Mining Operations Debut

    New 5MW facility fully equipped. HashCore's 1st mining farm opening and offering hosting colocation for individuals and businesses in Romania.

  • 2015

    15 January 2015

    Trading Cryptocurrency for our own account

    Crypto Trading and Investments

    Darren and Andrei, the founders of Hashcore started first by trading cryptocurrencies on platforms such as Kraken, Bittrex, Bitfinex...and investing in ICOs.

  • 2001

    19 October 2001

    Computer Hardware

    Wholesale & Distribution

    Incorporation of Tronix Limited for the wholesale of computer hardware such as CPUs, GPUs, hard drive, motherboards... Tronix is now a leader in the UK market for electronic and computer hardware products with an annual turnover of £18,000,000.

Company road map with our history

The HashCore Vision

At HashCore we love cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and we believe strongly that cryptocurrency will be in the coming years the next major currency used worldwide and overpassing some major traditional currencies.
Creating your own money is extraordinary and is the biggest revolution in human history in regards to finance and payment methods, sharing this with you is one of the ways we perform our identities.
The cryptocurrency and blockchain revolution is underway and a huge number of enthusiast investors is growing by day. The market is expanding at a significant rate while Bitcoin is capturing mainstream and global financial industry attention. Bitcoin represents a fraction of the blockchain market where other altcoins are spreading throughout many industries and offering tremendous opportunities.
The Satoshi Revolution is underway and HashCore is your one-stop partner.
Our goal is to enable all users to access easily and safely crypto currencies mining without taking into consideration their age, nationality, location, investment, their knowledge in the crypto currency industry or in highly specialized computing hardware.
HashCore offers full services for mining cryptocurrencies, from profitable mining contracts to building and configurating GPU rigs, Asics miners, pool linking, cryptocurrency advices and hosting miners in our dedicated low cost mining facilities.
  • Most Profitable Mining Contracts
  • Customizable Mining Contracts
  • Turnkey Mining Services: Mine & Go
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Daily Monitoring & Maintenance
  • Facility Highly Secured (Insurance, agents...)
  • Full range of Asic and GPU miners available
  • Dedicated Mining Experts