Listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context, and pertaining to technical or general mining aspects.

General questions

What is HashCore Mining?
HashCore is a cryptocurrency mining company created by a team of cryptomining experts.
Specialized in computer hardware since 2001, HashCore has been involved in the cryptocurrency revolution since the early days of Bitcoin and have many years experience in cryptocurrency market.
HashCore offers a turnkey mining cryptocurrencies service to all their customers from technical advices, selling mining hardware, configuring GPU rigs, ASICS miners, pool linking, to hosting miners in their dedicated low cost mining farm facilities and offering turnkey mining contracts.
How does it Work?
HashCore Mining offers a large range of cryptocurrency mining solutions and offers 3 services:
– Buy your miners and host at home
– Cloud hosting contrats (miner lease with all services included)
– You have your own miners? Send them to HashCore for hosting
If Bitcoin or Altcoins are profitable, why don't you mine for yourself ?
We do mine for ourselves using the same mining hardware we offer to our customers however we do not have unlimited funds. At present we mine, we offer mining hosting services to individuals and businesses and we also trade for ourselves on crypto currency platforms to avoid putting all our eggs in one basket.
After I purchase my contract how long does it take to host it with HashCore ?
Generally as soon as you purchase your miners it takes 3 to 4 days to set everything up so you can start mining.
What guarantees does HashCore offer ?
We cannot guarantee our customers that their mining earnings will be profitable due to the complexity of mining factors such as mining difficulty, cryptocurrency exchange rates, hardware costs etc...however HashCore will supply high quality equipments, technical advice and operational guidance for the best mining practices.
Where is your mining farm located ?
We only disclose the exact location of our mining farms to our customers for confidential, and security reasons and with regards to the agreement contracts and NDA we sign with them. We operate mining farms in Romania with similar equipments that we offer on www.Hash-Core.com
Is the mining data center secure?
YES! We have 3 security agents and 2 technicians on site 24/7 for each site, our facilities are equipped with alarm system, IP cameras accessible 24/7 via app.
Is the mining data center insured?
YES! Our mining facilities and all mining equipments (Asic miners, GPU miners, computing hardware..) are 100% insured at cost price with legal liability insurance policy with Groupama, 2nd largest mutual insurer in the world for theft, overpower, fire, flood, earthquake...
Each time new miners enter our facility we increase the amount of our insurance policy coverage.
How can I pay ?
Once you added your products in your cart, just confirm and proceed to payment. We accept credit cards Visa, Mastercards, bank transfer and Bitcoin(BTC) payments.
How is the contract profit calculated?
When you order a new contract you will notice the total profit marked in green. That number is calculated automatically by our system and it is based on market API's and takes account of the hashrate and coin value.

Hosting/Colocation questions

What are the terms of payment for my hosting contract ?
Each 3 months period we settle an invoice, all invoices are payable in advance. We offer a special discount of 5% for all annual payments.
What are the extra cost for hosting services which are not included in your price per kWh ?
Our prices per kWh have no hidden costs whatsoever, these prices includes full services: Hosting, Electricity, Cooling, Maintenance, 100% Insurance coverage, Downtime coverage, OS installation(GPU), Free Setup, installation, Security, Remote Hands services etc...

The only extra costs are when hash boards, control board, psus or other hardware components are broken, the replacement parts are then on the cost of the customer, the repair costs however are free of charge and included in our price per kWh.
How long to i need to host my miners for ?
Our standard hosting is based on 12 months. After the 12 months period you can either continue mining with HashCore or you can terminate the contract and we will send back your miners to the location of your choice.
How do you invoice per kWh ?
We calculate the average power consumption of your miners with high end wattmeter. Invoices are settled based on the real consumption of your miners, we make sure our clients pay the right price for the right consumption.

We also offer smart plugs which can also be purchased on hash-core.com so you can verify by yourself the exact consumption of your miners. These smart plugs are also used by our clients when hard reboot is necessary.
How long does it take for the contract to take effect?
The contract takes effect immediately.
How can I pay a cloud contract ?
Our Cloud hosting contracts are available on our order form and we accept Credit card, Bank transfer and crypto payments.
What kind of return on investment am i looking at ?
When ordering a contract, we provide an estimate total profit that is based on numbers like the total hashrate of the miners in your contract, the cost of the contract and of course the market price of the coins you are mining. Sadly real life events like crypto news that might affect the market are unpredictable and thus can not be accounted for.
What happens when the contract ends?
When your contract ends, you will be able to order a new one based on the same hardware or try something new!
Do i have any extra cost when buying a contract?
NO! We pride ourselves for being 100% transparent with our customers. So there are no other hidden fees.

Technical questions

How can i connect to my miners?
In order to connect to your miners you can use our secure VPN connection that is dedicated to your miners. You have full control over your miners. The HashCore team will only intervene if your miners are offline or have technical issues. Note that at no point no HashCore employee will have access to your miner configurations, pool or ewallet.
How big is your mining farm/data center?
Our first mining facility is 1100m2 and the second one is 3000m2, we also have around 8000m2 to expand our mining operations and another mining facility is under construction. Our mining farms are divided in rooms with large area space to increase ventilation and cooling performance.
What kind of return on investment am i looking at ?
It wouldn't  be honest from us to give you full guarantees on the return on investment.
That’s to say that forecasting exact earnings and profitability is hard to do as crypto currency mining depends mainly on the difficulty when mining a coin and on the coin's market price.

Doing your own research and profitability calculation is important before investing in crypto currency business. Using tools such as mining calculators like coinwarz.com or whattomine.com can help a lot.
These companies are not related to HashCore whatsoever.
Which pools does HashCore use for mining ?
We select pools according to their performance, reliability, stability, fees, reject rate...We also mine solo for some coins to save fees in order to increase profit that we pass on to our users.
While mining a coin we will use a few pools, up to 5 pools sometimes, in order to secure the decentralized cryptocurrency networks . We call this good mining practices.
Are your miners overclocked?
The miners we sell are never overclocked in order to preserve the warranty and avoid damage.
However we do receive from our customers overclocked miners, but we take no responsibility for hardware that are overclocked.
How do you monitor your systems?
We have several ways to monitor our systems. For internet and networking we use specialized software that is compatible with our CISCO gear. For the miners we use software like Simpleminer, HiVeOS and AwesomeMiner.

Requesting support

Our HashCore representatives offer 24/7 support for all technical issues.