• No Commission: HashCore takes no commission whatsoever on your coin earnings
  • No Fees: No hidden fees, maintenance, hosting etc...all services are included in your contract
  • Profitability: HashCore offers only profitable contracts with fast payback period*
  • No technical skills/knowledge required: No setting/configuration of your miner, pool, coin, mining algorithm
  • No Daily Management: HashCore takes care of all your mining operations
  • Full Transparency: Direct earning delivered on your wallet from pool. No intermediary
  • Daily Payment: Receive every day payout on your wallet (depends on your settings)
  • Performance: All the hashrate of the miners is allocated and used only by you
  • Accessibility: You have access to the miner and pool interface to check exactly how many coins have been mined
  • Flexibility: HashCore is the only mining company to offer mining contracts where You choose your miner, algorithm, coin and pool
  • 100% Uptime: HashCore guarantee no downtime and covers your mining operations with its own miners in any situation


  • Duration: 1 to 5 years cloud mining contract
  • Payout: Coins are delivered directly to your wallet on daily basis
  • Miner: Dedicated Asic miners or GPU miners used only for you
  • Miner lease: Included in the contract price
  • Hosting fee: Included in the contract price
  • Maintenance fee: Included in the contract price
  • Assistance fee: Included in the contract price


All mining contracts run continuously from 1 to 5 years (according to the chosen period) with no interruption.
Whatever happens in the cryptocurrency market, your coins incomes/rewards are delivered safely to your wallet based on your pool settings.
No commission nor fees are charged to customers from HashCore. Only the pool fees are directly deducted from your earnings before being delivered to your wallet. These fees are charged to every miners by the pool itself with a low average rate of 1%. HashCore offers for all customers the possibility to choose any pool.
HashCore offers 2 pool, coin or wallet changes per year. All additional changes are charged at $99.
For all inquiries for switching pools, coins or wallets please contact our technical team: [email protected]
Daily mining incomes are variable depending on 2 factors, the exchange rate of a cryptocurrency vs USD and the mining difficulty.

The exchange rates varies according to the supply and demand of the crypto market which also is applied to traditional markets such as foreign currency, security, commodity exchange markets.

The mining difficulty levels varies depending on the total hashrate that is used on the network to mine a coin, in simple words the more miners that are delivering hashrate on the network the more the difficulty will increase.

These 2 factors are unpredictable however HashCore does its best to offer the most profitable mining contracts on the market and high end mining services with dedicated software enabling all our customers to mine with a peace of mind.